Bank Statement Program

The Bank Statement Mortgage Loan Program is a fairly new lending program that is becoming increasingly popular. It is mainly for self employed borrowers who take advantage of the loopholes with writing off business expenses It helps these borrowers limit their tax liabilities However, it hurts them in qualifying for mortgage loans

The Bank Statement Program is designed to document all of your deposits made into both your personal and business bank accounts and use either of them as your income qualification. You can qualify for either a 12-Month or 24-Month program.

Bank Statement Program Angel Oak’s Bank Statement program allows self-employed borrowers the ability to qualify based on a 12 or 24-month average of deposits using their personal or business bank account. No tax returns required Personal bank statement qualified based on a 12-month average monthly deposits**

We understand it may be difficult for self-employed individuals to document income from tax returns and W2s. With our Bank Statement home loan program, we.

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Angel Oak’s bank statement loan program is the perfect mortgage solution for self-employed borrowers and small business owners. Angel Oak’s bank statement loan program is the perfect mortgage solution for self-employed borrowers and small business owners.

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The most common name for the program is the Bank Statement Loan and as the name suggests, you verify your income with bank statements rather than paystubs or tax returns. Because you do not verify your income the traditional way, these loans cannot be conventional because they do not meet the.

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. for borrowers whose true income is documented by their bank statements.. Call us at 844-664-6100 to learn how our full line of loan programs can help your .

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How a Bank Statement Program Works. We understand the unique needs of employed individuals have when it comes time to financing a home. If you are self-employed, you do not have to provide paystubs, W-2’s, tax returns or tax transcripts.